Kids Bouncy Castles for Hire in Wirral & Chester

Bouncy castles
can provide many hours or even days of fun. They’re an excellent way to keep the kids active, all in one place and entertained at the same time!

We hire a range of kids’ castles that toddlers and small kids love, as well as castles for older children up to the age of 10, with higher beds to give them a better bounce!

All of our kids castles can be used indoors or outdoors.  They’re suitable for boys or girls and they’re all clean, bright, bouncy and importantly, safe to use.

Typical Size: 12ft x 15ft or 15ft x 15ft
Rain/Sun Cover: Included
Overnight Hire: Not available for kids’ castles
Safety Mats: Included
Age Limit: 10 Years
Other Info: Contact us